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LYL Coatings stood upon a 78,000 square feet of manufacturing facility, office, and warehouse providing a cost effective means for production. Apart from producing our own house brands, we do provide private labelling or contract manufacturing services to customers who are wishes to outsource their production.

The privacy of our customers are well protected, we keep everything in between confidential. You can rest assure that our relationship; your formulation and your business information are safe with us.

LYL Private Labelling

LYL Coatings provides private labelling for customers who wants their brand name on our products. Our well sought-after products have been manufactured under the private labels of a vast customer base for years.

Selecting LYL Coatings as your supplier for your private label is the best choice as our products have been well developed with years of experience in market place, and are proven to meet the market needs. The high qualities of products are achieved under strict quality control procedures to ensure each product meets our high quality standards.

We have the capability and the resources to help you if you would have any special labelling requirements from quality to packaging and production of an entire product line. Leave the whole production to us and experience the capabilities and benefits without having to create a manufacturing infrastructure within your company.